Wyoming Trucking Association

U.S. professional truck drivers safely and securely deliver life’s essentials to every home, 

community, school, hospital, and business in America. As one of the most demanding and 
important jobs in across the country, truck drivers are responsible for delivering our goods safely, 
securely and on time, while keeping our highways safe. 
There are roughly 3.5 million professional truck drivers in America. A truck driver 
cannot only not make mistakes, but they cannot afford to be part of someone else’s mistake on 
the road. It is a challenging profession met with pride and resilience and a level of commitment 
that many people do not understand.  
Throughout the week of September 11 – 15, the Wyoming Trucking Association’s 
Council of Safety Supervisors, member companies and volunteers will host events at many Ports 
of Entry across Wyoming with refreshments, treats, barbeques and heartfelt thank yous for all the 
hard work the truck drivers do day in and day out. 

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The Wyoming Trucking Association’s mission is to foster and advance safety on the highways, advance the interests of commercial motor carriers and educate the public as well as regulators on the issues facing the industry.

The Wyoming Trucking Association was organized in 1939 as a result of the need for organized support and unity of the trucking industry in the state. The need for a united front has not diminished in the past seven decades.

The primary concern of the Wyoming Trucking Association is the advancement of the interests of transporters of property or passengers by motor vehicles. WTA seeks to educate those involved in the transportation industry on matters affecting their operations, both state and federal; to affiliate with and establish reciprocal relations with any other associations, commercial or industrial businesses, and with the American Trucking Associations, Inc.; to express the views of its members on matters affecting the interests of those engaged in transportation of property or passengers.


Truck drivers, we thank you!

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